Hookah which now more become a shisha is was originated by a Mughal emperor of King Akbar who has ruled the sub-continent for several decades. Hookah is actually made up with glass and steel as its body and a plastic or rubber pipe. Well materials can be different according to need and requirement but the shape concept however would remain same for an example in hookah based there is a water tank in which normally there is water but some of the people use soft drinks or hard drinks according to the required taste. Than it has a chimney on the top of it where there is a small bucket which has to be filled with fired coal which actually generates a smoke when a person inhales from a pipe an induction process started which helps fired coal to burn out the tobacco and flavour which is filled out in the chillum (a bucket on top of the hookah which is filled with tobacco and flavour) once it get burns it produces a smoke with water and burned tobacco vapour which passes through pipe and you inhale it. 

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