Types Of Pots

You might be only familiar with indoor and outdoor plant pots which give a very artistic look to your space. But there are many other types of pots that you must have not noticed and it serves many. Pottery has been a very old and traditional technique but with the passage of time new materials were introduced like ceramics and synthetics to give new variety and blend of tastes can be achieved. Pots were conventionally painted and nowadays we have modern outdoor pots Sydney with digital printed designs.

If you take a look at your kitchen you may find different types of containers like Tea pots, sugar pots, spice pots, food storing pots. Tea pot has been a very beloved item of any household and people tend to find innovative and high quality tea pots for presentation when it comes to visitors and guest meetings. Floral tea pots have been in fashion for a very long time because of its light and warm effect with hues of lilac or blush pink and gold outlines it becomes a great combination. Along with the tea pot you have cups, tea serving plates, sugar and sometimes a separate small milk pot. A sugar must not be big enough to look like a jar but must also be enough to cover sugar for 5 to 6 people. It is usually oval in shape and comes in both close and open styles but close ones are better in use the risk of insects trying to eat the sugar is very less.  Food storage pots are usually airtight to eliminate any sources of air that could cause the food to rot. Then if you look around in the dining or lounge area where there is a seating for a few people you may have decorated that area with artificial flowers in a flower pot: these are usually wooden pots. Pots are also used for cooking purposes which started with old clay pots to heated electric pots that are used slow cooking. The electric pot is also called an instantaneous pot: you can adjust temperatures in it. Other cooking pots may be of stainless steel which provides high quality cooking experience. It is also used in baking purposes. Visit https://made4home.com.au/collections/outdoor-dining-sets for outdoor settings.

In turkey the Ottoman style pots are very common and represents their heritage, these pots may be in the form of bowls for decorative purposes and you can also place floating candles in it. These pots are handmade at their original pottery houses blended in bright colors like blue, navy blue, ferozi, orange with hues of red and green. It is available in different shapes and sizes.  Fruit printed pots are used as fruit baskets as it complements the whole look with an aura of freshness. Pots are also used for wild plants such as weed and Marijuana.